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The Enriched Equine

Custom Enrichment Planning for Equines 

Is your horse bored? Destructive to your property? On extended medical stall rest? With over 25 years as an animal care professional, working with both equines and exotic species, I will use this expertise to create a program for you that utilizes environmental and behavioral enrichment husbandry techniques to greatly improve the lives of your beloved equine friends.

I will teach you how to use these techniques to keep you horses engaged, having fun and problem solving which helps to keep their minds and bodies healthy and happy.

Enrichment is also a proven technique that can reduce the expression and intensity of some stable vices, such as stall weaving and wood chewing, thus reducing both potential medical issues as well as damage to property related to these unwanted behaviors. Plus, horse enrichment is just plain fun. And while we're on the topic of horse toys, these same methods also work great for donkeys and mules!

Let me partner with you in keeping your horse fit, both physically and mentally!

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Personalized Enrichment Planning

No matter the size of your farm, or the number of equines, I can help you develop a plan to enrich your herd. My plans include calendars as well as multiple devices and strategies to give you a diverse array of options to choose from to help you engage your animals both physically and psychologically.

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On Site Planning and Development Workshops

Want more in-depth planning or hands on help? I offer on-site seminars and workshops for facilities that would like more detailed education regarding the theories and practice of environmental enrichment, as well as workshops to teach development and implementation of enrichment devices and strategies.

Problem Solving for Specific Behavioral Needs

Sometimes we have specific situations that require advanced problem solving. While not all stereotypic behaviors (stable vices) can be remedied with a simple toy or novel food presentation, there are ways that using environmental enrichment can help reduce the occurrence and intensity of them. I can help you design a plan to address these situations.


About Me

I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion. I’ve been in professional Animal Care since 1993, as both a zookeeper and a Zoological Manager, and have cared for species as diverse as exotic big cats, bears, hippos, rhinos, and antelope, to domestic animals, particularly equines. I am a positive reinforcement equine trainer, and I adhere firmly to Dr. Susan Friedman's Humane Hierarchy in all of my interactions with animals (there are many references to this practice- this is one of my favorites: I have provided my training and enrichment planning services to both small equine rescues and larger equine facilities, and I would be honored to teach you how to help your horses live a fully enriched life!

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My name is Mary Richards, and my passion is helping equines live their best lives possible through the use of environmental and behavioral enrichment; contact me and let's work together for your animals!

Winter Springs, FL


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